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Alex is a spectacular entrepreneur, who understands that serving and delighting the customer is the key to his business success. I gave him an impossible objective, provided far too little engagement and oversight, and set a deadline that was candidly required by me; but anything but realistic. This situation caused him to violate all of his disciplined processes, and to work himself and his technical staff at a pace that was intense. The net result was a spectacularly effective work product at a very reasonable price point. I will never again ask him to perform at that level of short time frame intensity, but, I assure you, I will use his company many more times, because I know that they are committed to superior customer service. I could not recommend him more.

GErry Czarnecki

I have had the good fortune of working with Alex from the very early stages of Quotebound as their General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer. Alex’s extensive knowledge of every facet of digital marketing / advertising and his infinite capacity for work make for a formidable strategic business partner. Moreover, Alex is a great student of many businesses and industries, which makes his knowledge and advice a very valuable asset for potential clients. If you are considering working with Alex, his attention to detail and his passion for creating a program that is tailored to each customers individual need rather than the cookie-cutter services that abound today will be unmistakable. If all that isn’t enough, Alex is a genuinely good guy who happens to know how to make his clients businesses profitable.

Steven Stark

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